ENR PRIME spécialiste de l’isolation à 1 euro

ENR PRIME is a company specializing in insulation at € 1 (one euro). Thanks to the Programming Law setting the Energy Policy Guidelines or « POPE » which aims to limit energy expenditure, you can insulate your attic, basement, crawl space, cellar and wall for € 1 (one euro).
The POPE law obliges energy suppliers to encourage their customers to carry out thermal renovation work. This allows individuals to improve the energy performance of their main home.
Unlike tax credits, the energy premiums covered by the POPE laware not supported by the state. Indeed, it is the energy suppliers, called the « obligated », who bear this cost. To compel them to comply with their obligation, the State requires the issuance of a minimum number of energy saving certificates (ECE). In the event that the quotas are not achieved, the State would impose a heavy penalty on the energy supplier concerned.
The EWCs do not impose a means test to benefit from it. The work to be carried out must only meet the requirements of the POPE law, as those mentioned previously. They must therefore be intended to improve the thermal performance of housing.
Housing, whether primary or secondary, must be more than 2 years old. Some of the equipment to be replaced, such as windows or insulators, must be aging or responsible for energy loss.
It is also necessary to request the file before carrying out the work. Once the agreement is given by the energy supplier, they can start. At the end of the project, all that remains is to send the invoice to the supplier who has given his approval, and a certificate of work is also essential. Once the elements in hand, the « obliged » will then pay the award winning eco-energy concerned by the renovation.
Note that installed equipment or materials used must meet quality and performance criteria.
It is also important to specify that the device can only be granted once. However, it can be combined with other energy transition aids granted by the State.

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